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Forensic Culture Audit  

Vaya will work directly with a staff liaison to execute a 30 day Forensic Culture Audit. The audit will go deep on the internal culture of the organization, including conversations with leadership, the HR team, and other key contributors across departments. It also includes review of relevant employment policies and procedures.

The Audit provides a prioritized roadmap for policy refinements, culture interventions and training opportunities. At the end of 30 days, the Forensic Culture Audit will culminate in a presentation by Vaya, recapping the findings for a group designated by you, with listed recommendations of next steps for cultural health, vulnerabilities in the organization, and untapped strengths that can be amplified in future projects.


Management Training

Do you want to develop your organization’s people skills? Vaya can provide customized management training for teams across your organization’s functional areas.

Trainings are packed with management best practices set in real-life scenarios, interactive workshops and tailored feedback that leaders can immediately implement with their own teams. Trainings are suited for beginner and seasoned managers alike.

Inclusive Management Training is unlike typical management trainings. In a welcoming and candid environment, we:

  • Assess weaknesses in your existing management systems
  • Rethink 1:1s, performance reviews and development plans
  • Design inclusive communication strategies
  • Evaluate the personnel decisions that make or break companies

And plenty more. Vaya offers regular, open sessions for these skills, or you can reach out to learn more about how we can provide a tailored session just for your team.


Executive Team Alignment

A healthy culture begins at the top. Developing trust and collaboration skills in your executive team produces tangible results that cascade into the rest of your organization. Vaya can work with your executive team to develop alignment for upcoming rough patches or address the culture debt of past challenges, setting you up to tackle problems with trust and unity.


Executive Coaching

There is no substitute for executives who are confident in their ability to lead, especially on creating and sustaining inclusive culture. Because this is new to so many founders and execs, our CEO works one-on-one with a member(s) of your executive team to understand the landscape of how organizational culture is changing, gain fluency in key workforce concerns and practice management skills that will keep your organization competitive in the battle for top talent.


Diversity and Inclusion Master Class

Want to go deep on Diversity and Inclusion topics for your organization? Vaya offers a Master Class for teams who want to build their proficiencies with hard topics like race, gender, class, physical ability, sexual orientation, and more. Beyond abstract discussion, though, we can explain how to ground these topics in practical workplace applications:

  • Eliminating bias in your recruitment, hiring and retention programs
  • Leveraging diversity to improve retention
  • Demonstrating your contribution to the business' bottom line
  • Addressing internal resistance to your team's work.


Culture Crisis Remediation

Are you dealing with a time-sensitive issue in your workplace? You’re not alone—we’re here to help. While most leaders know to contact their legal departments and PR teams, great leaders also understand the importance of protecting their workplace culture. As workplace culture experts, Vaya can identify the impact of a crisis on your people, help you navigate team dynamics, rehabilitate chronic issues, and tailor your approach and communications to support current and prospective employees.

We can help navigate crises related to discrimination, harassment, abuse and other issues that require an expert understanding of workplace dynamics.

Bring us your hardest questions. Our conversations are always confidential and off-the-record.